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April 28, 2012

CambridgeWeb.Net is a Galganov & Associates web site. CambridgeWeb.Net makes site services available to interested parties at very competitive rates. Interested parties may purchase a simple, one page web site for a mere $250.00/year.

This includes web page design (including insertion of three images), web hosting with a CambridgeWeb.Net virtual domain (ie, http://YourName.CambridgeWeb.Net) and a POP3 Mailbox (ie, YourName@CambridgeWeb.Net).

What are the advantages of a CambridgeWeb.Net web site?
1) You get to participate in, and take advantage of, the long-established profile and highly regarded reputation of CambridgeWeb.Net and Galganov & Associates.
2) Every member site is included in the members' link rotation on the main page of CambridgeWeb.Net.
3) A CambridgeWeb.Net web site is economical to buy and to maintain - you can have changes made to your main page, at no charge, on each anniversary of your subscription or you may make fee based changes as often as you wish.
4) You can build on your CambridgeWeb.Net site economically. We will add your pages at competitive prices ($125.00/page) and you still only pay your annual hosting of $250.00 regardless of how many optional pages you purchased (up to a maximum of five [5] additional pages). You may host additional pages for a nominal $25.00/year/page. Add-on pages can be revamped at any time at the regular set-up price of $125.00/page or $60.00/hr/page - which ever is less (minimum $30.00/page).
5) As a CambridgeWeb.Net member you will be eligible for a reduced rate on forthcoming CambridgeWeb.Net services such as our self-managed, small business, E-commerce services.
6) You can market your virtual CambridgeWeb.Net web site (ie, http://YourName.CambridgeWeb.Net) as your own web site. Because it is a sub-domain (or virtual domain) as opposed to a "tilde" account (ie: http://CambridgeWeb.Net/~YourName) most search engines and directories will accept your web site address for inclusion in their database.

What conditions/terms apply to becoming a CambridgeWeb.Net member?
* CambridgeWeb.Net hosts only family safe content.
* Terms, as posted at: http://CambridgeWeb.Net/terms.html apply.
* Accounts must be paid in advance. Payment may be made by Visa or MasterCard.

How do you become a CambridgeWeb.Net member?
Click Here to go to the subscription page. You may complete your subscription by completing the faxable form.

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